Sowton Mill

Sowton Mill is a 90kW Archimedes turbine designed, installed and owned by the HydroSense team. The works included upgrading the fish pass and installing an automatic fish counter to monitor fish migration in the river Teign in Devon.


Totnes is a 300kW twin Archimedes screw system that is currently under construction. It is fully funded at £1.7m and will supply enough green electricity for 200 homes, a local school and a community housing project.

A new best practice Larinier fish pass will be built as part of the project, improving salmon and sea trout migration at Totnes weir on the river Dart. This will lead to more fish successfully spawning in the headwaters and improved stocks of both salmon and seatrout in the Dart catchment.

A canoe platform is also being constructed that will improve access to the river for canoeists.

Pipeline Projects

HydroSense has a further 10 projects between 100kW and 500kW in the pipeline across the UK for construction in 2015-2017.