The Team

HydroSense was established by managing directors of the founding companies; Fishtek (Pete Kibel), Mann Power (David Mann),  Castleford Engineering (Steve Rule) and Eco Electric (Ben Kibel) to develop and run best practice hydro power sites in the UK

Fishtek Consulting

Fishtek is a leading specialist fish pass and hydro power consultancy in the UK. Fishtek has been involved in the design of over 100 fish passes and hydro power schemes in the UK and oversees. These have included small projects under 100kW to massive $4B Hydro schemes on the Mekong river in Asia.

MannPower Consulting

MPC is the leading Consultancy in the UK, specialising in low head Archimedes turbines. Over the past 8 years MPC have conducted over 300 site appraisals and installed 60 systems in the UK and Ireland.

Castleford Engineering

Castleford is a specialist hydro power and river engineering firm, with a highly skilled team that works across the UK. They have installed both low head Archimedes turbines and also high head schemes across the UK and Ireland.

Eco Electric

Eco Electric are a specialist engineering company focussing on design and manufacture of fisheries mitigation technology and  power management systems for off grid power and wind farms.